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You can also see this video on our video portal at Converting a .dat file into a .sav file format for SPSS along with other helpful videos (and more as we grow the library). Hopefully, this video will help you to be able to convert a .dat file to a .sav file for use in [...]

What is this term that Deborah coined, “Histogram Blob?” Come find out and find out how to avoid getting one!

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Why does this site exist? Because there are hurting and lost people out there and we just couldn’t stand by and do nothing. Maybe this isn’t the ultimate answer, but we care and share what we can.

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We all have questions sometimes in life, right? Yes, even me. I don’t know everything! lol So, I set up a rough discussion area where you may ask questions. My specialty is inferential statistics. Please keep in mind that I do not have unlimited time. You know all the normal stuff with life, family, work, oh and writing that dissertation to complete my Ph.D. in I/O Psychology (which is really research-heavy, hence providing me opportunities to provide help in statistics).

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As you all probably already know, I love downloading sample data from Andy Field’s site. If you would like to get your own sample data, to play with in SPSS, follow these directions and screen shots: Go to the companion site for the book mentioned below, the companion book. The book may cost money, but [...]