The Story Behind Luv 4 Statistics

Why does this site exist? Because there are hurting and lost people out there and we just couldn’t stand by and do nothing. Maybe this isn’t the ultimate answer, but we care and share what we can.

I know it can be tough, with the pressures of life that include work, family, and now graduate school. Taking a difficult statistics course can just throw you off-balance. However, the good news is that I am there for you! Help is ready and willing.

Why was Luv 4 Statistics Developed? To help the hurting and lost statistics learners (i.e. grad students). I (Deborah) met a fellow student who was struggling and was able to assist her in solving her SPSS software issue (back in 2014). That allowed me to see the pain that some feel, with issues that are solvable (and answers I already knew).

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